America’s brave and tissue paper


    We write the story of Qalaah Parena. For this reason, we see the peer peaks in the past tales that some similarities are visible from anywhere, so it should be presented with modern requirements. No such incident, no such story is coming. Do not understand which subjects to the subjects, where to go.

    Tissue paper Yes tissue paper

    In our time there was a tradition of dresses, but if it was fashioned in a romantic hand or pocket, this fashion was fashionable .When the friend of a friend used to join the party, the rod would also create an individuality .If the tissue paper took place today It is a place where a permanent thing is invented, which has been invented to wash the potatoes and then ironing the layer and rub the perfume. Things used thrown and customized the new ones!

    Tissue paper features our mind to human being that one of the many types of human personalities is also a tissue paper. The tissue paper tickle stole our head and we sat on catching tissue paper before Were humans like tissue paper or tissue paper? Psychologists are unlikely to have this personality type. But our history is full of such tissue papers.

    It’s just yesterday that Osama bin Laden was the eyes of America and West. The responsibility of all jihad was on it. It was Osama ‘s hand to find out the “Mujahideen” for the rivalry of the Russian forces to execute after his martyrdom .If the tissue paper is used and there is no work again. Russia is wandering and broken. The United States talked well and went to talks.

    Al-Qaeda invented. His network (Muslim) was declared dangerous and was followed by the military forces and agencies of the country, and occupied Afghanistan to stop terrorism. Iraq is mounted on the ground. The al-Qaeda has become a new tissue paper, then it also uses tissue paper. Osama was caught or killed and Al-Qaeda’s network was abolished. The new tissue paper was pulled out and it was named ISIS or ISIS, and to prove its true ideology of the civil war. The fascinating network was extended to the countries of the country. Even if someone’s ox was lost, he was also put to death. This new tissue paper was also pulled out by Muslims. This tissue paper is giving a lot of work to legitimize Israeli aggression in the Middle East and to express its gratitude to Saudi Arabia and other countries.

    History is Al-Shaheed that the paper personality or tissue paper is being used everywhere. Everything has taken place in this series. The UK has not used the paper personalities he has prepared and used. The UK used its awakening and capitalist class in its nine populations, but the case of the United States is different. In the world, a tropical counterfeit on tissue paper is ready. And every time a tissue paper is being truncated in the garbage.

    America is a big singer boss. Tissue ends using paper. Click on the Central Central. Sometimes and ever. President Saddam Hussein captured Kuwait at the time of America. Tissue paper could not even hide and hide. These tissue papers were said to be a treacherous person that it expands the enemy to the country. Sometimes they are called Agent. Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar are mentioned in this name. The name of Shah Hussain of Jordanian and many such names may be taken in this category. In the lure of the prize, those who abducted their homeland were non-referrals, such as Joseph Ramzi or Emil Bronce, were used under the same name. Now the tissue paper is so common that it is being kept in pockets and where it needs to be thrown away. How did anyone say that …