Broken mirror


    Man! It’s broken again. With the heading shock, I quickly made hair and took a cream on the face to deceive the society. Actually, a glass table in the house was not available at the spot due to an accident. Now, neither can we be able to take appropriate care on the face of hair. Now going throughout the office and outside the whole day, the only worry will be to see how I am looking at others. When the motorcycle rides to go to the office, bike glass specifies how much mirror is necessary here. Since the office is located in the business district of Karachi, so that even reaching here, there are also glasses of buildings constructed from glasses on the main streets of Karachi. Indeed, the wisdom remains on the pattern of human construction. When the office reached, the main gate of the office and a glass of glass in it was bouncing and cracking around the chairs around which some employees were shaking. Here’s the value of a glass.

    You will be thinking that I wrote a letter on this utility utility, but the fact is that the importance of mirror / glass that day proved to be so important in our lives. Are there By using our existence and beauty, the same glasses are used to renovate the buildings. In this mirror, we try our best to see ourselves

    They make a difference to their apparent decline and misery. Women are more important in men’s life than today, since today women have begun using cellular cameras. When this mirror is not available then we can not be satisfied with any of our appearance as well. This mirror makes us realistic, and forces us to develop ourselves according to circumstances. The rule of laws is that the image fades if they are dusted. If this is a defeat, then man will feel scattered and if it breaks then then there is no question of benefit. Similarly we need a mirror in everyday life in which we can review our own and try to overcome our problems. That is the conscience mirror in which we do not like to see ourselves and steal our eyes. Due to our unusual and non-meditation, the mirror remains close to this mirror. Due to the passing of time it breaks down and it comes to a time that it is full of crushing and scattering in our way of life. These crises hurt our feet so much that blood is in step by step. It is a time that we dare to lose courage.

    In our society, there is a need to see conscience mirror everywhere, where we try to revive it by looking at the face of our moral evils. Whether he is a ruler or a politician, whether he is a general man or a business person, whether he is a stork or a property of goods in a wholesale market, whether he or she is a student or a teacher, whether male or female, It is imperative because we all are inclined to see this mirror. Consequently the society has become bankrupt, a sense of humiliation, where we are looking forward to a big change. The dollar is touching the sky. The educational system is vulnerable to the poor. The family is breaking every day in the result of conflicts in every house. Law enforcement

    The companies who are nominated for bribery stagnation are nominated. For fifty rupees by shopping for five thousand, people appear to fight with a rampant on the road. Where the road is clean, there are other things in your face appear ingesting. Significant signals of discomfort of institutions seem to be breaking. Bakir is in the head when we all look forward to waiting for the government government to throw alleviates on the road. What should I mention? There is a long list that is just one and she does not want to see in the mirror mirror. Each of us is looking forward to some special government measures and negative help for the change in Pakistan, while we do not have to stand firmly on our conscience or look at the conscience mirror, where we do not see our mistakes. If every one of us starts to protect our mirror, then it is not a day when Pakistan will succeed in getting rid of all the problems. No power can show you conscience mirror until you recognize the nature of your moral character and do not make changes in beauty by adopting it as a principle of principle. Make sure all Pakistan will be beautiful. If we do not do this, then the day is not far when this miracle is broken, we will hurt all of us with our cherishes, and we will not save anything except to wander them.