Clean the odor of the first house then you will find it in the street.

    The Supreme Court is hearing a case related to foreigners and bank accounts of the Pakistanis. In this case, the FIA ​​has recently submitted a report, in which at present, the country’s assets and assets against the three thousand five Pakistanis andInvestigations on bank accounts are on. So far there have been illegal assets of one thousand fifteen billion rupees. However, the names of Pakistanis so far have their number of eight hundred thieves, out of which three hundred and fifty people have benefited from the Amnesty Scheme. The names of those who have come up include important political and official figures that have made names of their wives, children and relatives.

    By name of the rich property named by every day, the electronic media has created a turbulent wave in the public. The innocent people are understanding that all the names of the people are all thieves. People are also thieves like a former prime minister, convicted in corruption. Where the media broadcast such important news on a daily basis, it also assumes that the public should be told what the real truths of the unbelievers are.

    Investigators are investigating crimes against people abroad and bank accounts, including politicians, government employees, singers, actors, artists and merchants. At that time properties of more than 150 richest Pakistani people have come to different countries, which are worth about Rs. 30 billion. But all these are not thieves. They all did not move abroad and moved abroad. Political figures or people who are filling up a major government office can be asked to steal the public’s money, but those who do not fit on any government official do not come into this category. So, all these people are capable of hesitating to stick. 

    How can the thief be able to move their personal property abroad abroad? Their crime is just because they did not mention their properties in their taxes and therefore they have stolen tax. To bring such people to the tax net, the former government introduced the Amnesty Scheme, which benefitted 300 people. 

    During hearing of the notice, Chief Justice asked the FBR why the case was not carried out against the people, then the FBR responded that according to the laws in Pakistan, a case could be prosecuted against such people nor Such people can be arrested. Such people can only be brought to the tax net and no legal proceedings can be implemented against them. It has come to know that there are Sammam in Pakistan’s laws which require amendment. It also shows that Pakistani laws encourage them instead of preventing illegal migrants from abroad. A few post offices of former governments have introduced such laws and bypassing their black eyes overseas. 

    The number of people taxing twenty-two billion people in Pakistan is only a few millions, which is equivalent to salt in the flour. If the donors are thieves, then the rest of the millions of people are all Pakistanis thieves. The number of rich people in Pakistan is in millions but they do not pay taxes. They have assets and bank accounts, but they are roaming out. why so? This is because corruption in public institutions is common. The situation is that government officials provide services about self-employed tax evasion. They do not care about what’s going on. If those people are caught, then there is a problem in the police and judicial system that these people get safe. So if the tax is to stop theft, stop the first corruption. 

    Exercise is a step-by-step initiative against the property and bank accounts abroad, but those who have such huge assets in the country, but do not even collect a pen tax, why are they not prosecuted? Do they have any exception? Collecting information about the property holders abroad, transferring their assets back to Pakistan and registering a case against them, there are many problems in the arrest, but thus the tax thieves that are present in Pakistan carry out action against them. What’s wrong with me? Cracked against former Pakistani Kabiris Pakistanis, whose large assets are in Pakistan but they steal taxes, because this work can be very easily and quickly. Then be carried out in action against those who are displaced abroad. So it is better to clear the odor of the first house and then go through the street.