Does the man really not cry?


    When a boy is born in our society, with his birth, his hearing is put in place that you are a man …. Strong men who do not cry. It is cooked with a loud lamp in the house lamp. When he reaches the age of school, the voice of society starts to sound in his ears that you are male and men do not cry.

    When she is able to marry, she is found for a girl who is a moon and breaks the as-Sadiq in slavery. A girl who is in her house also takes care of her parents. There is also a concentration and love for all. But nobody thinks that our son is also caring for. It’s going to be helpful. In a difficult time, he is encouraging him. Does not the boy need to be a sincere partner to take care of her.

    In the last 10 days of the month, when the boy comes home with a vacant pocket, the mother asks, “Son forgot to bring my medicine again today.” The wife says, “Do not bring potatoes again. The dough is over. “Son says,” Papa is scolding me not to notebook the teacher again. “Little doll says. “Papa also knows that I like ice cream very much. You did not bring it again. “

    In such circumstances, this strong companion chips and drops a wound of water down from its throat and gets out. She shared her pain and pain. Whom should he mention of his problems?

    In this society, the boy’s feelings are crushed and called him to be a strong companion. Without understanding that he too is human and humans have problems in this world. On the contrary, it is expected that tears should not be torn into severe conditions even in severe situations. Even in mother’s death she needs to look strong. A tears of his eyes can also show her weakness. Men and weaker? Can not happen