Every woman has a past


    There is a story of love. Some women see conflict and childhood during childhood, but they are the victim of such behavior. Some women have some kindergarten gram in their childhood. Some girls get cheated only in the title and some women call for the reasons for their families. Some women stop parents in a strange way of parents. Charmic women have always been homeless. Some women are subject to some reason for some reason. Some women make mistakes in doing something wrong. Some women get drunk. Some girls have made a mistake attempting for many reasons.

    It’s just a matter of all that … .. just for women.
    In Pakistan, at present, at least 11 percent of our children are suffering from fraud. According to police records and various organizations, average average of every person is 11 innocent children. In 2016, more than 100 children died in their lives in 2016. In 2014, 3002 cases were reported to be abusive. In 2014, 3508 children were treated as abusive bronze. In 2011, 1277 children were abducted as abusive sexual abuse. On April 06, 2016, a child named Taimina was thrown into a rescue camp in Lakhsh undermines. On May 4, 2016, Kushina’s child was killed as a result. On January 8, 2017, the girl named Aisha was forced to crush and was thrown into a lock-down area. On February 24, 2017, a baby named Fatima Fatima was made as a queen .11 April 2017 The Kismosum flower was thrown into the fields of Nafafama Kozadati. On April 21, 2017, a baby named Fujia was made as a queen. 8 July 2017 was made an 8-year-old girl.

    We are talking about our community! Yes … In our case, when a soldier’s daughter views an individual’s behavior, or wants to stop a clean relationship with him, his thinking is taken by his name. Take care of it. This is the reason for this. People are transformed into life and their lives are attributed to them. After all, due to the centuries of our centuries the honor is awakened.

    Even in our Pakistan, many daughters are given honor to the person’s name. Even today many sisters are killed in their lives. Here the question arises: for women only for the sexually …

    It is said that after childhood, there is a need to compromise with our children. It is necessary to comply with all kinds of things. There is no need to do anything like this. If we talk about the streets, every time we talk about the streets, there is a woman in Athens. It is just a minor thing to remove sister’s songs. We face domestic violence only for women only. The name of religion is also the only woman.

    Some people still do not want to give birth to women today.

    If you have a woman who is going to get all of these situations in front of you, and then she looks for herself to look after her, takes her hair, makes hair and wants to show you something safe. In addition to her, she feels like things like happiness, feeling, happiness are also present in this day.
    In fact, every kind of past is a past, but he still sees a lot of wonderful things. In his awakened eyes, hears springs, piles and dreams of stars.

    We need to understand that the woman is a garden, there is a rising wind like a free wing. Mother, sister, daughter, and wife, many people have given birth to the person in the race. It is a caste that comes with honesty. You can not just do this by completing it.

    Can we not get rid of our loved ones? When God gives the wife, daughter, mother and sister to the place of worship, who are these things to do? Right away and disgrace is in the same way.

    Take a step-by-step step towards independence ….
    And. . .
    I believe in every dream. . .