How do people feel when their parents are connected to someone else’s marriage?


    Is it easy to share your parents with someone else?

    The bedroom is the room which is told to be childhood that she is a mimi papa’s room, if a person who turns into it turns bad, but slowly it becomes a habit of watching. Then nothing looks strange.

    Akshasha has now accepted the second woman as her mother and she is happy, but it was difficult for them to accept this new relationship.

    Nevertheless everyone does not go through similar tests. Memories and stories of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sarah Ali Khan, the actor who came to TV shows named ‘Coffee Baron’, are different from Aksha.

    Sarah Saif calls ‘Abba’ but Karna Kapoor does not say ‘little mother’. He believes that on the day she will tell Karna mother, her nerve will be defeated.

    They want to go shopping with Karena, but can the ‘Swatila’ relationship be so friendly? Sarah says that ‘Aba and Karina got married. Mother created me with my own hands and I joined Abba’s wedding. ‘

    Sarah says what happens for good. Whether their parents are separated or their father should be with Karina. ‘Today at least we all are happy … all our place.’

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    The relationship between Zia, Farhan and Shabban Azmi are also the same. Shabbir is the second wife of Javed Akhtar, and Farhan and Zia are the children of her first wife ‘Hanani Irani’.

    Image caption
    Saif Ali Khan is looking at his daughter Sarah Ali Khan in a coffee wedding rack
    In a TV show, Farhan said that initially he had complaints from his father. But later, his relations with Sherban improved. However, they give credit to Shabana because they never had anxiety in the presence of Shabana.

    But is it easy to accept such a relationship?
    Expert Relations or RelationShip Exporter Nisha Khanna says that such relationships are not easy to accept because these new relationships replace an old relationship and it is very difficult for any child to mislead old memories and emotions in new relationships.

    Anurag has studied from Delhi and he is suffering from such a trial. They believe that it is not easy to accept any new relationship because these relationships take place of old relationships.

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    The actor Farhan Akhtar is the son of Javed Akhtar and his mother is Honey Irani
    Anurag was in the seventh grade when his mother died. In the three siblings, largest Anurag says that his father got married only two months after his mother passed.

    Recalling the first time to come to New mother’s house, Anurag said, ‘When Papa came home with her, I was watching TV with siblings. They said that this is your mother. But I refused to accept it. I do not know why I felt that if my mother was alive then I could see it. ‘

    Although their relationship is like any family, Anurag has been angry with anger, pain and hatred many years.

    Askanha’s parents living in Delhi separated from mutual consent. He says that ‘I was told that there is no war between us but we can not live together.’ I stayed with Papa but seven months after Papa got me married. Then Papa married her. They were good but I thought they were separating Papa from me. If they were talking about both of them then I used to feel bad, it seemed like he was snatching Papa from me. ‘

    Akshasha says that if he talked to his mother on this matter, his mother explained them. But because of all they spent in isolation.

    ‘There is a pattern for specific things in our society that if there is a real parent, it will be bad or bad.’

    He further added that after his father’s marriage, his family members often asked him how his new mother was.

    Akshasha says, “Whatever I answer, I have been told that I should go to my original mother to stay away from stepmother.”

    But why is this so difficult for us to deal with this kind of relationship?
    Why is life so tired of these relationships? This question comes in the mind of every man who tries to relieve such relationships.

    Psychologist Parvain Tripathi believes that such relationships are complex but can be solved by communicating.

    If Prawan Tapathi believes that the problem is usually presented to children not clearly about new relationships.

    They say, ‘Sometimes, people tell the children around and do not know the whole truth.’ This is the biggest threat. The less likely the thing is to happen, the problem will be so disappointed. If the child knows what will happen, he will get himself ready for a change.

    It is an essential condition for adoption in India.

    Prawan says that the child will know his role and responsibility, such relations will not take a long time to improve.

    Although they do not hesitate to deny that generally children are very angry with such relationships. Children feel that their parents are cheating with their father and trying to replace someone else, it is difficult for them to accept it.