How to get a fake news address?


    The purpose of this blog is to provide people with information about fake news. Fake News Today, our society has become a deaf, which is spreading our gaps rapidly. In order to eradicate the traditional print and broadcast news media and social networks of the web site, the Government has also tried to break its head to reduce it. Sadly, the government also has a fake account on the account that was created to catch Fox News. So, you will get a lot of fake news related to English, but there are very little material about Urdu and how to avoid it.

    What is Fake News? Fake News is a kind of yellow journalism. Promoting any news, it is deliberately spread the publication of Disinformation in public, which is conveyed to the masses through the traditional print and broadcasts media and social links website. But here is also the point of view that the fact that this news news focuses on the actual news.

    This fake news is such a dangerous thing that the extremist elements in the neighboring country of India just read Vates app messages and targeted people. On this occasion, the Watson app launched an awareness campaign for people around Fake News and Rumors. And whenever you and your message is now forwarded by the Waiters app, the message comes to the top of the message, which means that the message you did not create, but someone else has forwarded it. During the recent election campaign, the National National Party leader Haroon Bulour was targeted in which he lost his life. It is a matter of fact that the news also started circulating that even though their brothers were victims of the attack. The news reached Khabar Yatra soon, but the old Fox news event continued for four days, on the social networking site, which was also known by famous politicians as well.

    There are different types of fake news, I want to mention something.

    1) Satire or Peru. Its purpose is just fun. Even though the satire or the pedestrians inform their readers that the fact is not related, yet people spread it in truth and spread it in one another.

    2) Incorrect connection: This involves incorrect connection with the news. As with a minor news, there will be a picture that will not be related to this news, but it will force the readers to read the entire news.

    3) Misleading content: This is the news within which there is a reality, but it is presented to the meaning that the meaning changes.

    4) Cheats: The Falsehaz news that is offered such as it has been released from a trusted institution, but in fact it has been released by a mixed name or a counterfeit organization.

    5) Contemporary: The news that is true, in which the picture is real, and even the headline is fine, but it should be presented as a separate story.

    6) Counterfeiting: This is the news that is based on lies only. Its only and only purpose is to bounce the frogs.

    We know that what is a fake news, but most important is how to save it. When reading any news, keep track of what information they are reading from the news. If they are a newspaper or news channel, you are in some safe hands. You will not be able to focus on her headline only when reading the news, but read the whole news and then make your mind because sometimes her headline is smoke-smiled to make news news. While reading the news, keep in mind that the news is not old or it is not a studio. The last thing is because we are in a community where polarization is very high, we also need to peel in our minds that we are no more prejudiced. Try reading the news as neutral, read. I hope I’ve been able to explain to you as a fake news somewhat.