Israeli plane crashes over mysterious cliffs!


    The case of alleged Israeli arrival on Noor Khan Air Base in Rawalpindi in Rawalpindi on October 9, 2011 has become a mysterious and an objection to the answers, as on May 2, 2011, the US commandor crossed the border of Kapakistan, military in Abbottabad. The closure near Osama bin Laden near the camp was a mystery on the attack case, and a commission headed by Justice Javed Iqbal was set to reach the level. After seven years, the commission report has not been published. There is no reason for this extraordinary delay. These secrets have opened that who was responsible for failing to stop the US commandos near Pakistan’s border with the Pakistani border. It was so loud that the attack continued, which continued for several hours, despite which no response was done, and it was justified that it was as if the snake was shattered.

    Nevertheless, despite the rejections of the information provided by Fawad Chaudhry and the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, a week ago, the news continued that the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited a military plane at Rawalpindi’s military base at the occasion of Oman’s visit. . A windwich told the Middle East that she had a condition to keep her name in secret. On October 24, she saw a plane carrying a Buzz jet plane coming to the Noor-khet base. Three members of aerial staff confirmed the airline statement and one of them has reported that he saw a car going near the plane in which a delegation was riding. Then many hours later, the delegation returned and was flying in the plane.

    Most of the mystery is that the plane landed in Pakistan. Because if it was a Israeli plane, then who allowed him in Pakistan? While Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel. Then the question is, who was the rider in the plane which had stayed in Pakistan for a few hours? It is also important that the person coming to this plane met in Pakistan?

    News of the Israeli plane in Pakistan 25. The October 27 edition of the Israeli newspaper, Harris, was published as a fire after the tweet of Editor AV Avar. It was said in a tweet that a private jet plane had gone to Tel Aviv after going to Islamabad, after 10 hours after Tel Aviv returned to Oman’s route. After this tweet of AAV shaft, Pakistani journalists speculated that the Israeli Prime Minister Before coming to Oman, Islamabad came.

    The government of Pakistan has denied these news reports, and the Civil Aviation Department of Pakistan has also denied the arrival of the Israeli plane. Information Minister Fuad Chaudhary just described Sharaf’s tweet as propaganda. He said that a delegation of Arab Emirates had come to Islamabad and it was the plane of this delegation. But Fadad Chaudhry, the delegation of the Emirate who was mentioning, came on October 26 a day later. Then Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi denied the National Assembly that no plane of Israel has landed in Pakistan.

    Technically in Pakistan, it is true that the Jet Jet plane which was descended on Nur Khan Ai Base on October 24 was not a plane of the Israeli plane, but this aircraft was registered in the name of Multiple Bridge Overseas Limited in Oil of Man. But who is the real owner, it is not clear. It is true that it was not a Israeli plane. But this is mystery about who came to the plane of Buzz Jet in Islamabad who left Pakistan for a few hours. Nobody is ready to open his belief at present. If a commission is set to reach the level of this matter, then it will prove unprofessional in the way seven years ago to hide curtains on the US commandos ‘attack on Abbottabad and the secrets of Osama Bin Laden’ s death. The commission of Justice Javed Iqbal proved to be uninterrupted and whose report is still under the control of the government.