Liberalism and Contradictions


    There are people living in the world who are involved in strange things and are also busy working with the logical arguments of this work. A few days ago, it was agreed to read the list of such activities. Somewhere, the religious religious festival of human beings is organized in the local religious game of inspiration to ask God’s happiness. But those people who had to be mentioned in this list did not have the same number of scholars. That’s the reason for this dance. We all know this class, but each of us will not only be aware, but at some point, we will have a lot of drinks with this poisonous poison.

    These specific towers contain our liberal gentlemen who have no belief except God has given them all the knowledge on earth and they are the heirs of this ‘rare’ and ‘low’ knowledge. I agreed to observe a few of these gentlemen, and on this consent I drove my destiny for today. Most of these few people are sitting in their destination and abroad while taking political asylum, whereas the rest of the people are also found busy in the same case. These people have well understood that only ‘severe criticism’ will not get destination. They estimate that this cohort is ‘bitter’ to achieve rare. The person who feels more receives political asylum.

    Every topic, whether it is political, non-political or religiously speaking, is their designation. Before talking, nobody cares for anyone but only look at the liberal times of their own. When reading the statement of Wadhi Sahib, it seems to be torn out after some innovation or change.

    The decision was given regarding gayism in India, as Eid became the same for those gentlemen. Each of them made social, state-of-the-art, tweets on social media. One’s blood poisoned, so Jalali made colorful for his Facebook dp to congratulate gay. When he was asked why brother is so happy? So, when the face of happiness on the face prostrated, ‘logical’ argued, it was permissible that ‘love’ is permissible.

    The questioner was strangely astonishing on the faceless face, he asked again, “Are your Abu, Ami or sister brothers also gay?” The question was to ask that liberalism of liberalism happened in a moment. Nobody came to Hatha Pie. These strange things are believed to be heard against the oppression in the world, and those who criticize them are towards the wrongdoers. But these people have been able to clarify whether only those terrorist incidents are called cruelty, which are only places like London, Paris, New York. Do not let go on terrorism in Palestinians, Kashmir, Yemen and Syria, because their timelines offer a spectacular scene. Why do not you go to languages ​​because they are locked? The level of sadness is that there is a label of ‘religious extremists’ as they hear words in terms of Kashmir and Palestine with some other lips.

    I remember well after January 2015, when the Almighty Almighty had filled Twitter and other social websites with the hex tags like “#jesuischarlie”. The imagination of his Kuala Lumpur can be gauged to Most of them did not even know this hehe tag. While punching competitions in Holland did not reach Junkesh in their languages. At that time they went to the ground. Maybe!

    They also continue to be strange, for example, the British Books Ready. They try to read every book in which the word religion is recorded and whose English name is strange, read. If not read, Facebook and Twitter will be posted on the ‘MyBab’ title by screening this book on the screen. Study the book or not to update the status of the book is counted on the first assignment. These people live forward in the study of the books and their knowledge comes through loud and loud voices while discussing someone, but this sound does not have any reason for the argument.

    The unconsciousness of their ideology can be gauged from the smallest point that an actor or model dresses up and forth with the criticism. The more the dress of the actress is as little as possible, they give it to the extent that they are in favor of it, while they see a girl lying under a skull or hijab and ski, then their words become bitter. Everybody’s personal rights and verbal slogans show religion, beliefs, and religious practices, and criticize women’s first BBB clothing.

    A few days ago, another controversial decision came to India in the world’s largest democracy. The auditorial or excited marital sex was permitted to say that no husband is the owner of his wife, the wife has the right to be related to another person. There is also a lot of pleasure in liberal spots on this decision. Most of these delicate libraries are married and hairy children. Pleasing on the decision like this gives itself many questions about them. If anyone asks them to ask for this question, they will be answerlessly, saying, ‘Stay in your limits’. On this answer they can agree that the limit should be kept. Religious, political and other various aspects of society

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