Man and stars


    The tragedy of humans on this planet is like galaxy. Many harmony and many contradictions were taken, but necessary for each other. As it is in Kaksha, the same is done by humans too. There are many starved stars, so there are many people who live in a grief to become bad and go away. Their tail is fireplace and no one wants peace and harmony.

    Many countries in the world are also adopting the same poem. America flames the brave tail and wants to absorb all the souls with burnt burnt in front of it. Black holes are also present in our Galaxies, who take everything inside them that fall near them. Our power forces in this tragedy of our humans keep this abundance abundant. The social media and the area of ​​Shiv Shuj, this is unique in this art. No matter how ruthless, helpless, he can not escape from the black hole. The drug addiction and the resulting rule are also included in the same black hole. Whoever tastes their fun dies and leaves them. Going closer to the stars, it’s so hot that everything goes waste and burns there. These are some of the political, film and social media stars.

    The syrups are also part of the galaxy that shine for a while, and they light themselves by submitting their light to others. In this way our world has some unique jobs that are present in every country and nation. These are ancient figures that sometimes become a scientist, become a dancer, sometimes become a serviceman and become a teacher and works human and humanity and soon leave his role.

    The craver in the galaxy is found very large. They rotate around each other and stump together. On our land, the wealthy owners who spread the name of religion, sectarians, and then kill their followers everywhere and see others appear to kill their opponent. These people are the same creators of the earth who themselves do not live with money or give them life.

    The real story of the galaxy is from the shining stars that are called ordinary stars. The people who live on this groundwater galaxy are the bright stars from which it is landy and tired. They work with their own work. They appear on their own time, lighten the dark nights and they then drowned, and the time is set back again. Someone knows their origin, just like our ordinary man. They are also known as the Kohli bull. On the floor of the Kingdom, the passenger identifies their destination and the way with their poles, but he does not remember the ordinary man by reaching a sad destination.