My baby is not me


    Big Panama appeared in the Panama scandal, with the names of world-renowned figures and their children, hidden wealth of the big people of Pakistan appeared. But reaching the real owner of this wealth is not so easy because these bank accounts were hid in order to keep them hidden. In the Panama list, there were names of more than four Indians of Pakistan including many businessmen including big businessmen and their family members.

    But the mention of Panama as the name is most taken or against which Zoroorish was launched and others were ignored, the name of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family. All this is that the media does not have the comfort without broadcasting the news on this issue. Now it is a habit that if there is no news about the mother or his family, then TV, newspapers and social media are disturbed to know what to do. But in all this matter, what was meant for me is the definition of “grace”.

    On one hand, one of the Panama scandal’s JIT family members was formed, JI reported that the accountability court was sentenced to Nawaz Sharif, Mary Nawaz and Captain Mohammad Safdar and he was on bail. The main point of view was that ownership of the aviation field in this case was revealed that the children of Nawaz Sharif were not their dependents, but were under the patronage of their grandfathers Mian Sharif.

    On the other hand, a large money laundering case in Pakistan’s history was launched against former President Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur. In which both of them are being investigated on the allegations that how their billion rupees allegedly moved out of the country. How did they reach Dubai in the United States then from Switzerland and from there to Britain? Just like the money transfer details or mini trail could not be found in the avenue case, even in a mini-laundering case, there was no sign from where the money came and somehow got through the fake accounts.

    Investigation agencies are claiming that the involvement of Pakistani banks in this case will get the tracking of this amount. During the case hearing, Asif Ali Zardari’s counsel Mr. Farooq H Naik pleaded with the Supreme Court that Zardari’s children are independent, so their assets should not be discussed. Because the children are not under the control of Asif Ali Zardari.

    I am surprised that Nawaz Sharif’s children were not under Nawaz Sharif’s Sharif in the field of avenue case, but he was under his grandfather Mian Sharif. While Asif Ali Zardari’s children were not in favor of the money laundering case, he was under Benazir Bhutto. If this claim is also corrected, then the question arises, what is the definition of affirmation and what is the parent’s responsibilities? In both these cases, “sustainability” is interpreted that children’s expenses are called inferiority. Is it enough for children to eat and drink food? If it is a definition of being “underwritten”, is it sufficient for children to bring children, education, training, provide comfort to children, to care for their health, disease, care, and their actions. Not come?

    The question of buying assets is the means of buying or billions of rupees in children’s bank accounts. Explain this definition of depression in the reply and leave. I think where it is justice that the children were not under my control, and the grandfather used to help them or my wife was in trouble. Until the children become independent and young, they remain under the guard of parents. In our society, despite parenting and lawfulness, the parents’ responsibility is not ended. After the children’s marriage and their children become their grandparents, their duties change. They look at the training of their grandchildren and grandparents. If the height is too low, then the ears of their son or daughter drop away because they are the parents of the children responsible for spoil.

    My son is married and she has two children, she is an engineer and lives in the UK. As long as the study continued to be a financial job and after marriage, he became independent. She became financially independent but she remained in love with her father, as I said earlier that childbirth meant to be under them and if he goes from Manchester to London then we also know where he is. Where is going, where will it be, how many days I will return and what is the purpose of going there.

    Similarly, all the parents have to look after their children, it may not be possible that children can only make a show on their inherited assets, it is also necessary to keep in mind that they are not in any bad move or habit. Friends and companies are not involved in bad people or harassment, or they are not getting wealth from illegitimate sources. The child is at any age if his hands are empty, and when the clock is tied on the back, then the parents ask where it came from. The bigger the kids live in the eyes of parents.

    Lastly, I would say that if God starts making wealth from illegal sources in the disposal and then pass through it to the children’s accounts and then get caught, it may be possible to save the investigations in the beginning and save them. If I still get caught for some reason and ask where to get the money from the kids’ accounts