Mysterious mark


    Today our theme is the traveler of the silk rock, the discovery of rocky palms, the mountainous mountainous mountain and the snowy peaks. It is considered to be a sign of power and a rectifier of evidence. Its meat is delicious, skinny, foam nectar, horny nude, hollow rare, hair slim and eye blurry. Darwinism is remembered by the beardless and the bearded hair on the uncomfortable neck.

    It clays Kohli, Hindushak and Himalayas in high slices, fills clays and jumps. It is a jewelery of thousands of baldji, Chitral Goal movements, Balti Fortis and Gulgati drawing rooms. It is hearted to see his kite walk on vertical rocks, not even a step wrong.

    It is also not good enough food. Breakfast with chanting and snoring. Because fluidity is uncomfortable, its herbs, grass-solid, leaf branches eat dry and dry. It is less but customizable. Despite bankruptcy of your horns, it is not like mummy. Protecting them from distance to time and protects them and no moment is beyond their responsibility.

    Well, everything is valuable, but he has confused one world in his crowns. Therefore, the ticket to ticket is up to one crore rupees.

    This is one of our national marks. In 1954, the crown was laid down on a shaded throne under the shaded walls, on which one side was checked and on the other side of the Chenablis seats. Every national flag has made its logo but nobody has to look at it. It will be a fate after the time when “Double Eye” opened its fateful mysteries of “Markkhor” and he made it known to him.

    Double-fan fans broke out in the right and opposition of the mark. The opponents said that a snake snake is a meal story. This is the fact of the fact. The logo should be happy and pleasant. It gives brown ink, random hair, tear and horn and snake in the face.

    Supporters say that Markhor’s name and attributes are unmatched by the dual-mission mission. It reflects the strong tradition of horns of Arabs’ goat and perfume. Sometimes there were horns in the prince’s crown in Persia, the word branch was made the king as king, this sign of the kingdom is very similar to double.

    We appealed to the opponents more but on their clean forehead, the role of Markhor won our heart when the glasses broke out. Markhor went to one, cheated something, gave something to his chambered kits, pulled out some of his balls with his balls, a black glass snake is still in his mouth for lessons. .

    Instead of changing their condition, a single enthusiast thought to change its logo. For this purpose, when he saw the national marks, the walls were trembling, the lungs were formidable, the juice of the chambelion was derived, it was a marquar that was shining. This brightness touched the eyes of a single eye. To make Markakhur his mark, he scratched the richest national flag of green flag, which is the protection of Markhor and his supervisor sits away for 24 hours.