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    In the Great War II, Hitler was asked that our precious people are dying due to a constant war, what should they do? He said, “Hide your teacher.” If the teachers are present then these precious people will be ready again!

    So Dear Teacher! You are the ones who have the honor of producing valuable breeds. You are the heirs of the Prophets. You are the guarantee of the survival of the nation. You are the source of art and art, cultural heritage, literature, and privilege transfer. The life of the nation is from your feet. You are responsible for the construction of minds. The person handed over his nervous mind to you and said, “Listen, show up and embrace the capabilities.” So your duty is that one of the teachers Do not take any breakthrough to become a successful teacher. Why do not you read the teachers, but such teachers are like salt in the flour that really teaches and man makes humans.

    In order to become a successful teacher, Muttahida Aziz’s archives will be described below as well as some important and useful reports.

    1. By selecting this sector, make your first priority with faith. The time you have allocated for the work of the organization, do not do your personal work because if you call yourself the heir of the Prophets, like them Make faith also your point.

    2. Make your madness a learning process. Because it is such a thing that asks for your blood liver. Without the feeling, love, love, it is as if the body is without any soul. The salary that you can never pay for your work, therefore, never think of becoming a teacher by keeping the salary in mind.

    3. Impact your behavior and practice by applying examples, because your action is often more effective and effectively influenced by language. Students will be bound by time to learn from the teacher who will come to the room at the appointed time.

    4. Keep trying to increase your skills. Be sure to learn the latest methods of using and teaching academic and educational support because students’ knowledge can be filled in the same case when your procedure will be resolved.

    5. Do not cause students to hate educational processes. Never tell a student that you can not. One of these words will take you far from the educational process. As well as he will try to do whatever he can. So give them hope and assure each other that they can.

    6. Do not create discrimination between students who are qualified and qualified students.

    7. What are the conflicts, problems and sadness in your personal life, leaving them outside the room room. Because they will have negative impact on your teaching process and will make children even worse than you.

    8. Get out of the old idea that the teacher’s job is to enable students to set up their talents only and only to instruct teachers’ instructions. Have friends with children instead. Assure them that you love them and have come to the teaching field for their goodness.

    9. Learn how to plan your work best. Before going to a college party, the teacher does not prepare his lesson, all the help used during the lesson is not taken together, he can never perform the best practice. Can affect children.

    10. Impact the students with your good conduct so that they may be your fate. Research has proved that a single illness of a single disease has been given to different patients with different types of patients, most of which have been influenced by the doctor’s medicine which was good and that the patient believed It is said that he will definitely healing from this medicine.

    11. Make the appearance of your personality as well as your appearance as well. The dress is not very valuable, it can choose colors and smile on lips can make you close to the students.

    There is much more that can be written on this topic and can be said, but short is that not only teachers, but become a successful and impressive person. Create your status and status. Make your own importance. Your importance will be your desire, dedication, encouragement to your students and the desire to pass every moment and work hard for it. Do the work that is necessary for your institution and students. Take a surprising revolution in the personality of your students that they can never get you good. If you do with your teaching, your love and your hard work, If you get a positive change in life then you have the right to pay