Pak India peacefully active


    The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKatarporapur is located near the Pak India Border in Shakargarh, Nararkal District Tehreek-e-Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is a place where between 1965 and 1971, wars between India and India were fought. In this context, this place holds an important position in the history of both countries. However, this area for Sikhs is surrounded by a very sacred place, because it is the place where Sikhs Guru, Baba Gronnank, departed from this world and remembered Gordodara Darbar Sahrat, Kartarpur here. The relations between Pakistan and India are based on most of the battles and pivotal attacks, which is the most harmful cause of Sikh because most of the Sikhs are settled in India, but their major religious and sacred places are found in Pakistan. They get a lot of difficulties in getting visas for their religious places in Pakistan in the war environment, so they are always interested in establishing peace among Pakistan and India.

    After the success in the general elections of July 2018, Imran Khan invited India to peace in his first speech, saying that if India comes one step ahead, we will step two steps. Furthermore, he also invited several Indian personalities at the Prime Minister’s swearing ceremony, only nine of them were joined by Navjujat Singh Sadoo, who are also members of the former cricketer and Indian Parliament. However, they have a lot of curses on this act. Even though the terrorists were threatened by them, but Sadducees, who feared fearlessly, participated in the celebration of the oath of their warrior, which the whole world saw and the two important figures were sitting together as Nig Shigun.

    In this ceremony of oath-taking, there was a great surprise when the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa went out of Sodha, and in the meeting of these few moments, he told the good news that you have brought a message from peace to India. Let’s give you a good news that Pakistan will soon open for the border crossing of Sikhs, where Sikh pilgrims will be able to visit their main religious places without visas. Talking to the media after the oathing ceremony, in a very precious tone, Novjo Sanghar, thanked Prime Minister Khan Khan and Chief of Army Staff and said that my friend (Imran Khan) has filled me up. I want to get so much so that I swim happily.

    On the return of the oath-taking ceremony, nine-year-old Singh Sodho faced anxiety criticism in his country because he was led by the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan. There were also ministers of Azad Kashmir, which is a controversial area where they were involved in the oath ceremony. Similar and many charges were imposed on them. Even the intimidators were threatened to kill by the militants, but they were stuck on their stand. Kalam kept praising Pak-India friendship with an open media and thanked his fate friend Imran Khan.

    Seeing the unintended intentions of former Indian cricketer Najat Singh Sadoo, other peace-loving people also started raising the voice of peace-free India. Pakistan wants peace since the beginning. The real problem is Indian extremism and extremism. But now the ice has begun to melt because the invitation to open Kartar Singh border by Pakistan has hurt the right place. Although the next elections are going to be held in April or May in India in general elections, in which political parties should embark on anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan feelings because it is very important to win the Hindu vote, but despite the fact The Government has officially accepted the invitation to open the Kartar Singh border of Pakistan. Appreciating this positive step by the Governor, Pakistan’s External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Information Minister Fuad Chaudhary described it as a step towards peace. Has given

    This process of disrupting between Pakistan and India is being appreciated by each constituency. Sikh pilgrims from India came to know that Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Kartarpur Border on November 28, Tanniyan expressed great pleasure. An Indian actress Sonam Kapoor said on this occasion Imran Khan! It’s true in your personality. You are the new face of Pakistan for the world. Hopefully you will change the world’s opinion about Pakistan.

    Although Pakistan and India have begun melting for snow, but it will take time to melt the hazards of hatred. Hindu-Muslim hatred will not end in centuries. Therefore, it is time to assert that small steps based on love of both sides are done. Hate affects a moment but love affects slowly. Small steps should be taken from both sides, which can increase trust on each other. Although peace and stability between Pakistan and India is a dream but not a ban on dreaming. Europe fought against each other for centuries and millions of people were killed during these battles, but these nations, together with the European Union, are living together peacefully.

    So let us also dream that Pakistan and India should be forgotten together. Open the border with which trade will flourish, sports fields will be populated, artists and actors will come. Kashmiris will get rid of cruelty. Therefore, these glaciers of hatred will melt and one day, the people of Pakistan and India start coming without a visa.