Social media and political differences


    The social networking websites are working to destroy the society today. Intensity and morality are common on them. On the site that we see, we see the glimpse of Gospel Globe and Dismiss. Everything is made tomorrow. It seems that the political and ideological opposition has failed to endure. When the big names show their personal opinion, their magnitude remains on the ground. When the Buddhist self-taught teachers sitting on the channels, sometimes their names, the whole pool of wisdom is opened. Someone looks like others in a video and somebody is just wondering the magic of the sound. Some cross all limits and moments give sister’s dirty mistakes.

    It is such a situation like a hyper park that bounce the other sticks and no one says anything. We and you all have seen that this work started by political workers. These so-called social media teams who have made all the political parties have been given the same way as to teach songs to others and chip them. The heads of these teams send the worm and the ingredients to social media, and then their rest of the members make it shiny and that is why the odor spreads all over the world. The freedom expression does not mean that standing at the neighbor’s gate and start making socks.

    There are some examples of freedom expression or freedom of opinion. There are some requirements. If you want someone to make you new, you can never succeed by giving her socks by describing the weaknesses of her personality and reducing it. There is a way to communicate with you and express your opinion. Every society has its rules and regulations. But enjoying the streets in our society and enjoying others is the biggest principle.

    It seems that what we kept in our society is over. There was a valid limit between father, son, sister and brother. And everyone is touched to prove themselves great and good. Everyone has the right to express their opinion on social media, but there is a right to this right as well. When we read the abusive and dirty language written in the second, then our personality becomes unique to him. If we want to call ourselves good then we have to keep the good news of others. If we want our respect, we will have to honor others. What is the political difference? Is the opposite politician of another country? Is the opponent not part of our community? Let social mailing website stay for social mail, do not use them for enmity. In this we all have goodness and that is also our respect.