Social Medieval Love – Needs attention


    It does not matter that parents have no grip on their own children, or have gone far away. It is not even that the parent is not aware of the importance and loss of social media and it does not know that our young ones are being “beneficial” from this technology. It is not even that friends on social media and especially love have started affecting our family system. Not even that because of friendship with the internet, people from non-people come and take our young children. The real problem is how we close our eyes and give our sons or daughters “grooms”. Do not research or do not demand, we just start showing this developed country passport in case of our child. All our eyes start spinning. In a sense, we reach the extremity of greed. On the other hand, we go to the end of research to marry our children’s children and children. Alongside the background and fame of the family, there are some errors in the head from the hair to the nails. Better better take a step to find a girl / guy and if you have to spend many years in this case, then do not understand any harm.

    Above all, it is that whether American, African, Russian, Chinese, Thai or other girls who are born in the form of social media, even if I am older, then research for parents, Unless family backgrounds, bilieves are acceptable, against the contrary, if the Pakistani girl crosses 30 years then the mother of the boy is relieved to relate to there, even if her son has been a certain age limit. The girl is of the people, looking for the best of the best, daughter-in-law seeks. This is our overall behavior and collective senselessness.

    Although, after being curious to parents who came to marry Pakistani youth from marriage, it is rather lured that their beloved daughter-in-law will take along with her child, where a good and bright future will be waiting. The family of this family belonging to the third world will get the citizenship of the “first world” and its destiny will be sunset. In this greed, parents do not see that they believe in an ignorant girl by referring to her husband Jigger who is going to return to her country on the way to her husband, who behaved, nothing could be considered. However, it is different, the real problem is our behavior and temperament, in spite of their behavior and temperatures, even today thousands of young children are waiting for marriage in Pakistan. You should make social media love a part of your family and of course there should be no objection to it, but for those who do not have social media love, do so much to put in touch with the relationship that your child or child Do not enter the limit that no one should turn towards it.

    The fact is that I have seen many compulsive people in my life, but the parents of young children who were waiting for relationships were not forced by anyone else, especially widows. Boys look home at home and reject the girl on some basis. How many girls are white on the head, parents become psychologists. Second world is turned to mothers hope. No one feels the feeling of passing through the daughter-in-law. Tell him our collective insult, lack of consciousness, or the strip of greed on our eyes! …. But it is true that more than the age of our children and children, we are eaten more “sad” than seeing the relationship, which has the highest priority, quality and quality priorities.

    Actually, we are poor people of character. It is also known that older women give rise to a number of social disorders, but instead of helping someone else’s skill and settlement, they always see their interest first. If we look around around us in the society, how many relationships we can get from 28 to 35 years old? Due to various social reasons, this number is gradually increasing. When this number increases, it is obvious that youth-friendly friends will create trends in youth. If friendship on social media changes in love then the talk will leave the house and flee or to the court marath, or any other person will come to bring them. This is the case of boys. The number of virgin girls from 30 to 35 years in the society will not be less than the number. If there are no marriages in the country then there are also some of them for the sake of them .But it should be clear that this move will not be moderate but it will be a lesson for us, and if we look at it, as a result of this “visa marj” But we will be happy that our child will go and go to the village of Gaur, so it is our mistake. It is not possible that we will soon be surprised. Many parents have passed through this tremendous experience, but it’s too late as long as this feeling awakened.

    The fact is that the pain or problems of the daughters are strange too. If a young person becomes young, his hand gets tired of getting yellow, then to leave it to “rest assured” the name “dinaz” to leave it. Trouble and when they leave, the problem is that they do not know whether they are adjusted with new people or not? There’s no problem there, no problem? Parents from their sheets on marriage b

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