Spring between India and Iran broke out?


    In the last May, the US had ordered India to close the oil from Iran or else it would have to face tough economic sanctions. Within a month after India’s order, India has reduced Iran’s oil imports by about six percent. In May, India, Iran’s seven million barrels of barrels continued to be coming in the same oil. Iran’s oil imports in June decreased to 5 million barrels of barrels daily.

    On this step of India, Iran has expressed a lot of annoyance. India’s deputy ambassador Masood Ruwwaniyan in Delhi has warned that India will lose special privileges in India, the port, Chhha Bahar, if India has reduced Iran’s arrival in Iran. Iran’s deputy ambassador has complained that India has pulled out its implementation of investment in the expansion of Iranian portal Chhha Bahar.

    In Gulf Oman, the port of Pakistan is called the golden door of the Iranian port, Chhha Bahar, Iran, Afghanistan and the Central Asian countries in the north of Gwadar. Last year, Iran had decided to complete the complete arrangement of the port Chahabhar for India for the next one year.

    The plan was extended to increase the cost of $ 22 billion in the port under a co-operative agreement between Iran, India and Afghanistan, in which India had declared a $ 2.5 million investment, apart from India from Chhha Spring Until then the construction of railway lines was also estimated to cost $ 2 billion.

    The biggest interest associated with this port of India was that India would have reached its own commercial goods, through this port directly to Afghanistan and Central Asia, and it would not have to be compromised on its way to Pakistan. Then via this port, India will be able to deliver its goods to Afghanistan and Iran, one-thirds and a third time.

    The defense of Chaha Spring port is not even less. From this port, India will also help keep track of China’s naval fleet activities on Gwadar and in this area. Chhattisgarh’s port port for America is very important for its interests and strategy in Afghanistan, so that the last year, the US assured that it would not interrupt India’s involvement in the port.

    But President Trum’s decision regarding the separation of nuclear deal with Iran in last May and the incurring sanctions on Iran’s economic sanctions has touched the future of India’s cooperation in the port of Chhha Bahar. The United States has ordered India to turn oil from Iran till November 4 and replace it with oil from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the United States.

    Apart from oil imports imported in the political arena since 1990, there have been close relations with India in close proximity to Iran, for the past two decades, both India and Iran have supported the Taliban, Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani With close cooperation with the government, in 2002, India had signed an important defense cooperation agreement with Iran. In the past few decades, Iran’s trade with India has reached $ 30 billion.

    The question is, what will happen after November 4, while the US order will have to stop Iran’s oil flow altogether, will India, the United States order to continue and continue to import oil from Iran Could it be? The danger is that anywhere between India and Iran, Gilgit-Spring can not be buried.

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