Such a kind of shock can be cancerous


    Scientists have been able to treat a lot of lungs, liquor and skin cancer from ‘Menus’. The essay published in the Natural Science journal revealed that a cancerous disease in Cancer’s D-Menus has been revealed in the journal. Strong resistance is found to be seen, this type of sugar is used as nutritional supplements and most of them are present in American crust. Alcohol adds that the ‘D menus’ mix is ​​actually a simple thankful one The number of poli securides in the form is found in shape and its point is up to 199 cm and it is an ‘alloy hoseose’ which is glucose We are also synthesized, Menus is also used to remove urinary glands in the infection.

    Under the head of lungs, lungs and skin cancer headed by Professor Kevin Ryan, the British Institute of the Beaton Institute, who is investigating the cancer.

    Research done. These mice have been given the amount of de-magnesium, which showed a significant decrease in cancer cell growth and surprisingly the session of Kim Therapy was reduced and its adverse effects were not even done. Long-term treatment could also be eliminated. Professor Leon said that the most worried about the cancer’s disease is to spread cancer cells faster in other parts of the body, which reduces the body’s immunity, if Cancer cells can prevent cure cancer and chances of success can be doubled