Tears will soon buy


    If there is a maximum of 150,000 years ago, Kufa and Egypt will be spread across the general population with news reports of thirsty thirsty river. The mind has been heard for some time and the head will have been shaken and there will be some sorrow overlooking, and tearing with tears will be lifted again.

    The ordinary man of any era can not take any more protest than this, because even a big problem with the humility and immortality of the ideology is the effect of individual and collective.

    Twenty-five years ago, there was very little guns, tanks, and ships, so even in less limited areas in the limited area, the line of Jupiter and Jupiter went on.

    Today the majority of people have to fight terror and terror. Continuous bombardments of skull-specific ideas continue so that they can not do anything to listen and think and think.

    If Yazid was a person’s name, the church would cool, but it was a quality which is a meaningless exercise to fight any belief about faith, color, race and ideology. Just think as if there is water, water, fire, the same as the shade of right and falsehood, in the lives of all of us, like a shadow arm, above the inside, inside.

    But despite being buried in the body, it does not appear that if there is a withdrawal from the opponent, it is self-contained. If the martyrdom is removed from the other, then the three fingers of their own hands get the chance to see them dead.

    It’s possible that items and ideas are just 250 years ago, but they are black and white, but there is nothing like this in today’s world, everything is fallen, everything is dirty. What time do I get from the rimmed and false tide of the hidden invisible inside me, and when both of the cures get covered inside, then become isolated? When should I change the oppressor from oppressors and oppressors? Moisture dye. So,

    Everyone seems to be deprived of taking the right

    It is so cruel that the victim is seen (Ahmad Naveed)

    Just a few thousand years ago, when message messaging was the need for speedy sponsors, the desire to know the pure truth was just about the elite. Like today, the first report was presented in the courtesy of Khawaja and then it would have been the process of making general understanding, zodiac for remedies, and then this malformed information was provided by the common man to a particular mental affair. So that the emperor does not.

    The ordinary man could not imagine sending or receiving information directly, it would have been in the last few years to find out what happened. So the common man of this era was right in the excuse that if we would be able to know where someone was going to break the mountain of oppression, he would sit in the house.

    But today, it is universal that non-Islamic, reaches there in real time from a distance of 1,500 years ago. Why is there a huge Kofa from Mauritania to Indonesia? It is probably hard to caffeine, “How do you wake up sleeping,” she said.

    What was the time when enemies and friends opposed to hide their identity and used to imagine non-malicious movements, they did not have any reason to describe their name, convergence, nation and purpose, then today, like today the truth is not worn out by wearing a false fabric It was noticed that today it is compulsory to do so or if the truth rotates in the mud, it will be killed without death, because of this, on the fourth hand, the Lashkar-e-Baanat looters are surprised to know who is and who is killing.

    There are many cities like Hulb, Mosul, Baghdad, Kandahar and Adan who used to shed white potato in centuries of civil artifacts, and they were killed by looking forward to our eyes and we were just sorry.

    In the eighth century, as much as life is in the hands of words, God does not do anyone in the rest of the century, which is so cheap today, before it, the Kufa’s legendary innocence also looks merciful, if someone needs shelter today Refer to non-Muslim countries.

    Yes, you can say that today Krabla is nothing but a mental disaster with this crab, but I believe Kirbala is not a name of a brutal impression of a particular incident, such as senselessness of a person’s persistence Is the name of

    Until yesterday we were surprised to find simple landscapes such as water, naturally inherited like natural water, then it is new to celebrate that happiness, grief, and worship are also a billion dollars industry.

    The next step is to come very soon when tears are to be bought, even if the body is worthless, even during the period of nineteen months, it is a matter of all of you in the nineteen century, which is on the Himalayas of the sacrifices.