The change which we do not know about


    The change we are unaware of!
    The world is currently facing a permanent crisis. World liberalism is surrounded by democracy. Democracy is fallen. Economic recovery is not possible. The emerging China has become a threat to the United States. And international conflicts are moving towards a destructive war. There is also a problem in such a situation that is more than all of these crises and we are either unaware of it or sitting blindly like a pigeon.
    The biggest problem of this century is most of them, and the whole race is a threat to human. The problem is environmental change. Environmental change will not only be the biggest problem in the coming days, but it will affect the global economics and relationship too.
    Carbon dioxide is the biggest cause of environmental temperature and is the most negative impact gas in greenhouse gas. Its quantity has risen to a maximum of four hundred and ten percent per million in the past eight million years. The average temperature has increased by a maximum of two degrees compared to the era of industrial revolution. This is only eighty eight Degree is low Because all the scientists agree that the two geographical temperatures will change in two degrees, the geographical conditions of the world will change forever. In the next twenty years the temperature will touch this dangerous point. Man has not done anything in this regard and is afraid he will do anything in this regard too!
    The effects of this change will be very passionate. Unless the person does not control this growing temperature, unpleasant and annoying effects will come to it. When the temperature increases, the climate change will be uncertain. Floods and floods that came once in a hundred years will start coming every 10 years later. The climate of every region of the world will be intensified and all the situation will worsen. Where there are vegetable they will become desert and head green mountains will be chattel. As it happened in the air this year, it will be normal after twenty-four inches in the twenty-four hours.
    This change of seasons will have a very negative impact on geographical and political relations. Because some countries will be sown and some will change in the desert, where the inhabitants of the living will be searching for a place to hide, and many of them will not be able to get relief. Historical cooperation will be needed in such a situation. America and China will be in the help of this cooperation. If these two countries have not cooperated with each other, then one day is afraid to be prone. Apart from this, other governments will also play private roles and non-governmental organizations only if they are able to control the situation.