The prescription version of the hero!


    There is a feast festival in Lahore for the past four years. This year, going to attend this festival, it suddenly revealed how to make a hero living in a heroin like Pakistan.

    As soon as it was revealed, the whole of hunger and the eternal appetite took place in the moment, and I wanted to do it myself, and then burst it in the depths of my chest and take it in the wrists of my grave. Let’s go.

    But, in essence, which includes my birth-headed and river bud, this prescription decided to be normal instead of myself.

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    There is no corruption either!

    One point has made us packaging in Beijing!

    Those who were killed in dark ways!

    Boss does not take light!

    Even though the prescription is breaking heart, fearing fear is going on with hands, but what to do, the German philosopher is a fascinating person, like a poor child, has got rubbed into the heart.

    Secondly, there is a hope in the heart that even in general this prescription might become a hero.

    Lord! If you have been studying for years or writing a year ago, write a column every day, which does not read any other than the editor, giving a lecture every day, during which the students go to sleep or take the seats and fingers in the fingers. There are two three novels who have not read any other than bad mood, snorky and drunk traits, a number of your collections is a word that does not sleep and keep it in the pan shops, tie the rods Come to work

    Seventh, eighteen plays have also been written, whose shoot ends and the pigeons leave cast in cast happiness, have written more than two dozen fears that have no head, nor do they take any time to take seriously. If you are not prepared and your time is being spent, then stop worrying because your hero is near to become the hero.

    Yes! The country has been able to make the country a lot of people, but it is not a matter of fact. People who made heroes after freedom did not even understand how to make people in other developed communities.

    These people are surprised to be the hero as we are. Often, while convinced to take itself to the top, did they really become the hero?

    Instead of waiting further I should give you the prescription version which can be understood and understood and by which one can become a helper hero.

    Greetings! The prescription is that instead of dare to lose full knowledge in the field of wisdom, start strange mysterious things about a particular institution.

    Half-hearted phrases, incomplete words, half-smiling smile, lost in the space, as if there are some space creatures there.

    Be sure to talk freely and social justice, but it is very important to mention this institution. If God wishes, the years will come in the eyes of the Lord Goddess in the fourth month, and your columns will begin to shut down, the plays will be closed, and the novels will be disappeared from the stalls and stolen shops. .

    If God is more merciful to you, then one day your salvation will open like a wag on your way. Once you see it, understand that it is very time for you to be ordered.

    From now on, life will change its head. The same people who were not even upset would feel proud of you.

    The institutions in which you could not foot your feet will call you for lectures, believe in the eyes of the youth, and the country’s blessings will send you greetings in the box.

    It is very likely to get citizenship of a European country too. It’s a simple version and every specialist is allowed to act. Do not eat anything else, eat whatever you want, eat (drink with moderate).

    Its provision is to pray for the ritual that without having to do this prescription and without the pilgrimage of Vegetable, it becomes a fame of fame. Amen!