The role of teachers and parents in children’s training


    Usually it is understood that the teacher’s work is to be educated and trained to train, but the fact is that education and training are not two different things, modern educational psychology has combined both of them as Education without training or training is without education. Teachers and friends have mutual contact and their meetings are very important for both. For parents, they can know about child’s childhood engagement, her educational development, her career in the playground as well as her friends with friends and friends and for teachers to complete the child. Understand as well and no part of its private life is hidden from them.

    Parents can tell a lot about the teacher’s behavior at home, her favorite trends, her habits, and her dislike. The various incidents and conditions and accidents occurring at home leave a serious impact on the child’s emotional life, it is very important for the teacher to keep track of them all. The co-ordinance of teachers and parents is therefore very important that parents have very close knowledge of the child and teachers have special knowledge about the psychiatric pediatricians, so by meeting and interfering with both sides can result in Have a good impact on the child’s life and provide useful guidance for the child. Both parents and parents have the same purpose and they are: child and well-being, when both work for the same purpose. If they share and collaborate, they should meet each other, know each other’s ideas and the problems of each other. So, this work can definitely be accomplished in more favorable ways.

    The teacher’s greatest and most sacred duty is that he should prepare his child for the test. It is very important for him to take care of the child’s knowledge of life as well as his practical life, for which teachers need to be involved in their parents’ involvement and contact with them. The reason for this is that teachers at school meet children for a short time, and their entire life can not be exposed to the teacher, unless the children are completely uncomfortable with the teacher. In comparison to that, the child is completely free in the house and in front of the villagers, his entire life is an open book.

    Children’s group training skills: In present times education and its purpose is to train all the child’s abilities and have its tranquility, its full development.

    The child’s gang is also displayed in a panic house but is more prominent in the school. When the school comes to play a lot of jolly and contemporary children, the teacher wants to control the number of children in school. The teacher should benefit from the fame of children on this occasion. Many children learn from each other, do not share their share with each other, kill one’s right, cooperate in bad situations, group supremacy and work with their party all these things that are a group of children. The training is in progress. Children who play games demonstrate their same kindness in them, your younger son and a small child of the neighborhood, as long as their own parents are in their homes, there are small children who have their own mother and mother for everything. Abu tries to abstain or abstain at home, but whenever both of them sit in isolation and play in isolation, then it becomes a young woman and becomes a brave woman and a younger son, Barbar Sahib Khan. Now dolls and dolls play rolls and make concrete houses made by small walls and fences. The game is going on, the tricks are on both sides, the ninety couple sometimes go to the serial spate and the game There is also a problem of buying or selling the game in the market, or by breaking the game, the two young people are now born, and now the younger brothers are born, and they are copied. Any book of John takes money to you and do not return, on which brother John donates money to you. The most enjoyable scenario is when it comes to natives of the grandfather, grandpa and grandmother, speak and speak of food drinks, will show such an old one tooth in the gastric mouth.

    Man is a social beast, it is in nature to stay together. The human life of human beings began very long and it began at the same time when the man had opened his eyes and saw that he was not able to deal with a person’s intentionally. It is beneficial for harm and harmony and society is formed. Some people have the right to have rights on society as well as the society that the person is. If he is a good citizen, he understands these rights and fulfills them, if not, he is the right way in social life. Does not display action and conduct. One of the sacred duties of parents and teachers is that they should give children the correct idea of ​​social life and not to respect the society. Some of our actions are just individual, but some influence on indirect or indirectly around us, that is, some of our functions are of collective importance. Social psychiatrist is concerned that the child’s group should be trained correctly, so that he