The United Kingdom Crisis?


    British Prime Minister Teresa I was arrested at the Chomachi Crisis due to the disintegration of Britain’s separation from Europe. The referendum of the United States in which the majority of the British public has decided in separation from Europe had been for two years. The government failed to compromise the divorce of Europe, and now the separation date reached March 29, 2019, headed by Teresa, against the divorce of Europe and the plans for the next relationship. In his Tory Party, a severe rebellion is flowing.

    Rebels say this project is not a plan for freedom from European clutches for which the people voted in referendum. Five ministers of the Teresa Mai cabinet have resigned and resigned, and now the insurgency Tori members are struggling to present a non-confidence movement against Parliament Teresa. In addition, anti-Labor Party and other opposition parties presenting the Scottish National Party have announced the opposition. In the last attempt, Theresa, on November 25, is going to Brussels for her final talks with the European Union, but the decision that makes Parliament appear to be difficult, and it seems that the United Kingdom is without any compromise. Europe has to say goodbye, which is likely to face catastrophic consequences.

    Seeing the current crisis, I remembered that when Tory-party Prime Minister Edward Hath in 1974 announced the involvement of the UK’s joint market in view of the UK’s economical economic situation, and then the second year Labor Minister Harold Wilson had made referendum on the issue of joining a common market. True argument was that after the Second World War, strengthened Europe’s political, military and economic alliance to end the war in Europe. Go and join Europe, the UK will be able to regain its international influence, which they can After the end of the sectarians, the county is lying on hand. In this referendum, the majority of the British masses decided to engage in the European market with such enthusiasm as they would be torn to Europe. Thus, for the last 40 years, Britain was dedicated to prosperity in Europe and was gaining political power and influence from Europe.

    But during the leadership of the UKIP’s Nazaj-e-Fajr, racist forces threatened to migrate to Europe’s immigrants and refugees who traveled to Europe, so that Prime Minister David Cameron went to Bolela and he would be defeated by the Tory Party and his power The risk of the end was born. The rumors of this panic increased from Cameron and they campaigned for separation from Europe by combining the Tory Party’s right-arm elements. Cameron finally kneaded and decided to refer referendum to Europe’s question of separation. This referendum was not seriously discussed economically and political implications of Europe separated from air in the passionate atmosphere. All the emphasis was that the UK has lost its independence due to the European Union’s rules and orders in Brussels, and the European Union has lost control over its borders due to the aggression of Europeans. At the same time, it was noticed that due to the scope of the European Court, the UK lost its independence of the judiciary.

    In this emotional environment, supporters from separation from Europe claimed that the British continuation has broken a strong impression on the basis of EU membership. After this claim, the backdrop of the original British mathematical mentality was backward and it was realized that its influence in its old colonial areas has become the result of its involvement in Europe. The British people have the second world war I have been proud of Britain’s military capability, under the leadership of Churchill, and this greatness still warmens my heart with light. But the fact is that the UK is now one of the 28 countries in Europe, which is not counted in the world’s super-countries. People forget in the past, that Britain is not capable of being able to think for a moment about the war of the Second World War. Churchill had the world’s imperial power in the second war.

    In the UK, people also remember the Battle of Sweev’s 1956, when Anthony Eden attacked Egypt for capture Suez. But people forget that the UK was dedicated to Europe’s economy, and there was no military support for its military force. Today, Britain is just a European power like France and Germany. For this situation, the people of Dushanbe give the European Union membership. And that’s why they are unaware of closing eyes from all the implications for the separation of the EU and they consider it to be the recovery of Britain’s independence.

    Now the British people are becoming clear that if the EU is separated from unconstitutional, it is a threat to the United Kingdom’s alliance. The most difficult issue is of North Ireland, where the Roman armed and Protestant sects were found after the long armed struggle and civil war, the fame day agreement was set, and the power between the two sects opened the border between the Republic of Ireland It is kept The Republic of Ireland will join Europe after the separation of Britain. After which the transit of the border will stop. Miss this instantly