Yes i am a woman but i can do anything


    Yes i am a woman but i can do all this too! This is the answer to all those people, who do not wonder when a woman looks at any ‘ignorance’, stains the question in feelings of emotions that ‘do you like such a thing?’ ? ‘,’ See your age and see hobby! ‘ Etc. etc.

    The reason for all these questions is simple. Our fellow thinks that she leaves a woman open that she reads according to the general tradition, she wants to work, but she should do everything but just keep them happy. Yes, you must marry and laugh happy. Allah Almighty

    Beyond this, if a girl thinks something like ‘Sucha’, ‘Ulta straightha’, ‘Top Down’, it is not right and since society is responsible for her on her shoulders, so every question, think of everything To keep it

    There is no place in our society of ‘Sir Shirin’. Let’s go ‘head man’ still, but if there is a woman or a girl sitting in front of a proof, she will not be recognized as someone else and will hear it, ‘Come, girl ‘It is not too shameful’, ‘It is good for some women to do it’, ‘It is like this in the west, this girl can not work here’ etc.

    I used to be so tired for this because I thought of doing something ‘bitterness’, I just thought it was because it was my observation that women who had left behind traditional ideas and tried to do something new The only thing to hear is that ‘Omwa Baba did not do the right training, see how he is working.’ However, I think there is nothing wrong in thinking about separating or separating something.

    I am a compassionate, confident, research scholar and a traditional woman, who is mostly dressed in a penny and honors the values ​​as her duty, but along with her I want to do some of my hobby as well. My ‘nine makeup’ is a mystery in daily routine. My logic is that when men are able to wash their faces and sometimes even wash their faces, they can spend the whole day, so why do not I go and become a ‘natural beauty’.

    With my own specimen when I tell people that I’m unhappy about going to Para Gliding and Para Mountaineering, people see me as far as I’m talking about on the Moon or on the Mars. I remember that once I was preparing to go to Scuba Diving, people used to be surprised to see that ‘Look at your age and look at the move’, it is a good thing to do, now what is the age of her to give?

    Once again I mentioned that ‘Let’s not see’ the lion’s lion ‘, then get out of your country. After this, we were often asked to ask if there was a plan to go to Thar or Hangul National Park, then I should include it. Well, people do not even know that I am interested in hunting in the forest and sometimes there is a chance to get Africa’s wildlife safeguards in my list.

    Regarding making a report, when I was hunting the Iranian hotels, a traditional police officer was saying ‘Baiji also take a picture of us’.
    Yes, I’m also interested in field reporting and there is so much confidence that I can search for any story alone. I am glad that I was the first journalist who made a report on the slot community’s cemetery, ‘the ancient graveyard of the artificial art, the artificial skill of artists’ and saw artifacts on the high graves of the old cemetery. Many asked, ‘Did you go there?’ I proudly told that ‘Yes, I had gone, talked to people, take pictures.’ You also go there, there are pieces of art scattered along with art. ‘

    I can get rid of my cameras for the job alone. When our traditional people of thought look strange, looking at an illiterate woman taking photographs, I completely ignore them. I remember that in relation to making a report on ‘Irani Café’ when I was hunting for the Iranian hotels, a traditional police officer was saying ‘Biji also take a picture of us’. In some cases it is understood that a woman should not work or do it, for example, prostitution problems, children’s jails or crime stores can not do any female, but my idea is quite different from that. .

    I and my lonely friend when Karachi’s old and distant buildings were looking for the place and the place was shaking in place, many such phrases were heard that ‘look at them’. But, of all these false traditions, we consider our duty to ignore the wise women. It is not necessary for us to look at it but work and time. I think that if every woman joins a ‘me to’ movement, can anyone survive? What’s the bus here, what stop-stop market, there is no such place where there are not small incidents of harassment.

    When I tell people that I’m unaware of going to Para Gliding and Para Mountaineering, people see me as far as I’m talking about on the Moon or Mars.
    Yes, it is okay that the Pakistani society is traditionally and most of our things are filled with feelings and reflect the traditional thinking, but it does not mean that the living should be abandoned, backward afterwards.